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Tomare Tenugui

Image of Tomare Tenugui


Tenugui are long rectangular cloths with a long history in Japan. They are made of cotton and have various uses from hand towels to souvenirs to headbands. They are great for wrapping small items, and become 'eco' when you begin to think of using them for re-usable and decorative wrapping, and instead of paper towels as a hand towel.

The Tomare Tenugui can be used as a traditional tenugui, or you can invent new purposes--- for relaxation, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in its center. Or use in stretches or meditation.

Be inspired by the radiant center.
"Stop and find your center, let your energy radiate out from the heart".

Designed by Joanne G. Yoshida
100% cotton Size:
Made in Japan

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