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Tomare Yoga Mat

Image of Tomare Yoga Mat


The Tomare Yoga Mat in vibrant colors with a radiant yellow heart center.
Based on the Japanese character which means "Stop", this mat design is For Yoga, For Energy, and For Art. It is designed with the human body to work with the yoga poses and energy centers of the body.
The concept of the mat is:
"Stop and find your center,
Let your energy radiate out from your heart".
Choose from different background mat colors.
Click on to "Tomare Yoga Mat Colors" to see color variations.

Designed by Joanne Gover Yoshida. 

The Tomare Yoga Mat is recommended for gentle yoga practice, stretching, meditation, connecting with the outdoors, and relaxation.
Colors may fade prematurely if used in vigorous yoga practice.

Limited edition of 75 mats.

Colors subject to availablity.

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